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We are most selective about whom we choose for upcoming lectures and programs for our members and guests. Ring 43 schedules five lectures each fiscal year, with world renowned magic entertainers and authors; many are Chicagoland exclusives.

Our lectures are held in a state-of-the-art auditorium with arm rests and fold-out tables to take notes; modern sound and projection systems for a premiere experience. Lectures are included in membership fees; a nominal guest fee of $20 is charged for non-members attending our lectures, and can be applied to membership.

Very Special November Lecture Event!

Chicago Exclusive!

Each year Ring 43 hosts an exclusive contest performance. Check back for more details throughout the year!

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2017-18 Schedule of Events (7:30pm unless otherwise noted)











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Spooky Fun/Mentalism Night

Meir Ledid Lecture

Ring 43 Holiday Party

'-Est Night' Contest

Money Magic

Four Corners Night



Close-Up Contest

Dedicated to teaching its members to become better magical entertainers.

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Meir Yedid-Friday, November 17th


Mentalism/Spooky Fun

Club Night Event

Ring 43 Meir Yedid
IBM Ring 43

Meir Yedid is a multi-award winning magician who has performed and lectured around the world, both live and on television.

He has created and published several hundred magic routines for the fraternity and currently runs some of the most popular websites for magicians and gamblers.

Ring 43-Harlan Tarbell Chapter, chicago

Friday October 20th