Here is a wonderful opportunity

for young magicians to be involved

with a professional organization.

We have an active youth program

for youth (ages 10-20) to learn

magic or to add upon the base

of knowledge they already have.

Coorinated by Ring 43's Danny Rudnick, a magician and high school chemistry teacher, the youth club meets twice each month.

*Once with I.B.M. Ring 43 (Third Friday of the Month)

*Once as a group (Right before the regular Ring 43 Meeting)

Members of Youth 43 will share ideas, practice performances, learn from local professional magicians, and perform at the annual holiday party! As members of the I.B.M. Ring 43, they will have access to all of Ring 43's monthly meetings and lectures. As an added bonus, youth members will attend special youth lectures by world famous magicians.

All levels of experience

are welcome!

For more information

about Youth 43,

email: Danny Rudnick

Youth Chairman

Youth 43 Information

Dedicated to teaching its members to become better magical entertainers.

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